Diagnostic imaging

1. Digital Rtg (direct radiography)

  • examination of the hip and elbow joints – certified entry into the pedigree if required.
  • lameness diagnosis.
  • fracture diagnosis.
  • OCD (osteochondrosis dissecans) diagnosis
  • radiological assessment of the spine.
  • X-ray examination with contrast – digestive tract, urinary tract.
  • diagnosis of urolithiasis.
  • assessment of the number of fetuses in the perinatal period.

2. Rtg – direct, small film, intraoral dental radiography.
3. Ultrasound – high-quality equipment with a power-Doppler.
4. Rigid endoscopy

  • assessment of the airways (laryngo- and tracheoscopy) and auditory canal
  • vaginoscopy

5. Videoendoscopy (tracheoscopy, gastroscopy, etc.)

  • the clinic is equipped with high-quality flexible videoendoscopes of different diameters, enabling the examination of the trachea, esophagus, stomach, duodenum, respiratory tract in domestic animals of various weight and size.